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The Loquitur team

Official story

Founded by Gemma Harvey and Lou-Lou Mason, Loquitur Theatre works collaboratively with artists, writers, directors, producers and venues to present a range of exciting, dynamic classical and contemporary plays.  As our company name translates – ‘She speaks’ – we are committed to increasing the level of representation of women in theatre, therefore women will make up at least half the cast and crew engaged to Loquitur Theatre projects.

We believe in encouraging an open-door policy throughout the industry, and we actively support artists in developing their career. Loquitur Theatre is the culmination of a decade of our shared experience across the industry and our close personal and professional relationship.


One sunny Sunday afternoon in 2015, after two bottles of French Rose, Gemma Harvey suggested to Lou-Lou Mason they should use the ten years of running actor development workshops together,  take more creative control of their careers and do something different. 


And lo, Loquitur Theatre was born. Inspired by the work of Lucy Kerbel and Tonic Theatre, Sphinx, Anna Jordan and Without A Paddle, the newly formed company would focus on increasing the woefully inadequate representation of women throughout the industry.

Gemma Harvey 

A Drama Centre Alumni, Gemma is an actor, theatre maker and most recently, writer. She is hugely passionate about continuing to break the mould for women in theatre. Inspired by female actor-writers like Pheobe Waller-Bridge and Michaela Coel, she wants to write and perform work addressing important issues. Gemma is currently writing and developing her first solo show Lobster.


Gemma also regularly works as a creative enabler with award winning theatre company Access All Areas, creating urban, disruptive performance by learning disabled and autistic artists. Gemma is also one of the creatives currently founding a brand new sister company to Access All Areas continuing this incredible work, with some of the recent graduates of Royal Central School of Speech & Drama. 


Gemma has an ever growing 'To Do List' and realises that this will most probably have to be written on her tombstone if it will ever get finished. When she isn't busy creating theatre, watching theatre or hanging out at comedy gigs, she can be found perfecting her headstand or gorging on some form of nut butter.

Lou-Lou Mason 

Lou-Lou is a Director, Script Developer, Dramaturg and Acting Teacher and if that weren't enough, very occasionally still treads the boards.


Having graduated with an MA in Acting in 2009 from LIPA, she turned to the dark side of directing a few years later. Mainly because she likes bossing people about and making audiences cry. With an incredibly diverse foundation of practise and practitioners - from Meisner to Stan, Laban to Cunningham and everything in between - Lou-Lou makes her actors jump through all kinds of hoops and, for some reason, they love her for it.

As well as the Loquitur portfolio, Lou-Lou's credits include work with Anna Jordan at Soho Theatre and the National Theatre with Jonathan Harvey's 'Tomorrow I'll be Happy'; 'Stay Happy Keep Smiling' by Anna Jordan at Jermyn St Theatre for Sheer Height, 'Skyclad' by Serena Haywood for the One Festival, 'Fallout' also by Serena Haywood and she is currently working on the early developement of 'The Masala Monologues' by Sangeeta Pillai Lander. 


For Lou-Lou, Loquitur is the perfect melting pot of her artistic ambitions and equal rights campaigning. Alongside Loquitur she is part of the Accalia Arts #TheatreSlaymarket steering board. 


When she's not doing theatre stuff, she is a committed cyclist, yogi, Burner and witch. She also runs her consultancy WordMason, where she is a Corporate Storyteller. Yes, Dad, that is actually a real job. 

Lizzie Manwaring 

Lizzie is an English/Welsh/American/German director/theatre-maker/forward-slash-lover who was thrilled to join Loquitur in 2016 as Associate Artist and has never looked back. While Gemma and Lou-Lou just cannot believe how lucky they are.


Lizzie trained with the National Youth Theatre and graduated from Queen Mary, where she read English and Drama.


Credits for Loquitur include: Lobster (Upcoming), Fémage à Trois (2017), Fémage à Trois (2016)


Other credits include: The Woman Who Gave Birth To A Goat (Upcoming: Camden People's Theatre), Timeless/Twelfth Night (Upcoming: AD for National Youth Theatre), Holly And/Or Ivy (Bread and Roses Theatre [as part of 'The Platform'] and Arcola [as part of 'PEN']), WAGGO (Ed. Fringe 2017, ★★★★★ Broadway World)