Loquitur Actors

At Loquitur, we are committed to producing exceptional theatre with women at the centre of the story.

With considerable success over the last two years, we are reimagining our original exciting platform 'Fémage à Trois' for 2018. Having perfomred previously at venues such as The Vaults, Theatre 503, Gilded Balloon and The Bunker, this year's show will start at Camden People's Theatre on 19 & 26 August as part of the Camden Fringe Festival. 

As the title suggests, the project is comprised of three independent pieces, each story meeting the central character as she faces a life changing set of circumstances.


This year's project is set in a dystopian future, where the separate stories magically meet. We are actively casting and we especially welcome applications from BAME and other under-represented groups. 


Please submit yourself for consideration using this form. We will not accept submissions in any other format, so please do not email.

Ellie – playing age 16-20. Outspoken, driven by a memory of belonging and searching for her identity like most young people. Ellie is nostalgic, kind hearted and living with past trauma. She has little memory of her parents/family and has been in cared for in institutions until this point in her life, where she has run away. She is proud to be tough and a survivor, but there are fears she needs to address.


Clemmy –  playing age 60-80. Comes from a world where hands could create things, not just from logging on in a virtual world. She is a rebel, has liberal beliefs and is under constant surveillance from the state. She has defined herself by her guilt of letting down her daughter, her family. She is quietly strong and defiant. She knows she is going to die soon and wants to die free from the state control, in her own home, but will she be able to beat the state? Will she find forgiveness?


Anna – playing age 35-50. Outwardly clinical, holding in a lot of pain and guilt. She is dedicated to her work and strives to fit in, to conform and to “do well”.  Mother and daughter, she is stuck between two opposing forces. Under this is a deep shame for her family history and a broken heart. She is faced with the hardest decision she’s ever had to make, one that will result in loss no matter what she chooses. 

Pay: (Funding pending) TBD but at least NLW. Rehearsal schedule will be structured around artist's other paid work, but you will need to be available for approximately 8-12 hours and performance days including dress and technical rehearsal on 18-19 August. Auditions will be held on 22 June.  

Please submit only if you're suitable and fit the brief.