Current Projects

Fémage à Trois

Loquitur debuted Fémage à Trois as a concept at the Edinburgh Festival 2016, with previews at The Vaults and Hackney Showroom. The production centres on a trilogy of independent stories, told by the women central to them, as they battle with their demons and the consequences of their situation. Charming, dark, sometimes hilarious, desperately normal; each story illustrates the incredible strength needed to meet life and its challenges head on. 

We quickly realised that this was a great platform for new writing and breakthrough artistic talent, so due to the exceptional reviews and incredible experience we had last year, we have reimagined this exciting and dynamic format for 2017, with all new scripts, stories and performers:


Safe to Shoot by Polly Churchill

Performed by Kate Terence

After 25 years, Cathy, a normal middle-aged woman, is back in the dating game. Things aren’t going as well as she had hoped, but then she makes a discovery: Cathy has super powers.


Hysteria by Claire Gordon-Webster

Performed by Alex Kapila

Plain, boring HR Manager Bea has stumbled across what she’s been searching for her whole adult life. Now, she prepares herself for the most extreme transformation of all.


The Best Worst Day of My Life by Victoria Turnbull 

Performed by Gemma Harvey

Grace’s new life with her little bundle of joy isn’t quite what she expected. From sex pacts to cracked nipples and everything in between, Grace navigates the not-so highs and crashing lows of new motherhood.

Coming soon... 'Lobster'


A very exciting new project by Loquitur, written by and starring our own Gemma Harvey













Praise for Loquitur productions

Some audience feedback from the 2016 production of Fémage à Trois:


"Loquitur Theatre lives up to its name – she speaks – with this stunning performance.


Fémage à Trois is a powerful trio of plays, made more compelling because its voices all belong to women. Standing alone, each monologue is a moving and beautifully-observed study of grief and loss. Taken together, it becomes something more – exploring how we use story-telling to make sense of our lives. It offers a glimpse of the way we perform different versions of ourselves in different situations.


Ultimately, it casts the audience as part of each performer’s psyche, providing the gaze we imagine falling on us as we rehearse our lives in our heads. It's a beautiful example of structure and content working together to create a show that's not to be missed."

Finding love in this day and age is complicated. Lonely hearts columns and unrequited love letters are a thing of the past. Gone are blind dates and traditional courtship. Internet dating has well and truly taken over. 

Lobster is a high energy, very comedic exposé of what it’s like to be a single woman in 2016. Portraying an array of the many people and experiences our central character encounters, Lobster will utilise multi-media, movement, music and a superb solo performance to uncover the highs and lows of love in the digital age.

Sit back and laugh, while you're taken on a journey through a crazy virtual world for one girl's quest to find love. Equipped with Tinder, Happn, Bumble and the rest, Polly rides the waves of players, lovers, weirdos and everything in between, hoping cupid will soon play ball and match her with Mr Right.