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Loquitur is a huge supporter of new writers. We like to work with writers from concept to final draft, developing and producing work for Loquitur Theatre productions. Below you will find writing briefs for our our planned productions. We are, however, always on the look out for new and exciting material with women in the centre of the story. If you have a script, brief or treatment you would like us to consider, please email it to us loquiturtheatre@gmail.com



Something else we offer is script workshops. Both Lou-Lou and Gemma are very incisive and encouraging script editors, but often the feedback we get from writers is that rehearsal is the first time they have heard the words off the page. Giving text a voice is an integral part of script development, so we can arrange table reads and/or development workshops for writers to hear their work out loud and sometimes up on it's feet. We will manage the whole event from casting, venue and a small audience if appropriate. If this sounds like something you would like to do, get in touch: loulou@loquiturtheatre.co.uk.

Curating New Work

April 2018


Our company name translates to ‘She Speaks’ and our ethos is a commitment to creating inspiring and exciting theatre, with women at the centre of every story. We are now curating for our 2018 production of the critically acclaimed and original format Femage a Trois. 


Femage a Trois was launched in 2016 to provide an annual platform to develop new writing and push the agenda for women in theatre. Over the last two years this platform has been performed at Theatre 503, The Bunker, Gilded Balloon, The Vaults and Hackney Showroom. 


The project always centres on a trilogy of independent stories, told by the women central to them, as they battle with their demons and the consequences of their situation. Charming, dark, sometimes hilarious, desperately normal; each story illustrates the incredible strength needed to meet life and its challenges head on. 


Based around the simple concept of 'three stories, three women, three impossible decisions' Femage a Trois continues to enable both established and new writers to support representation of women and their stories in theatre.


As the Femage a Trois format is so dynamic and successful, we are reimagining the same platform for 2018 and seeking new submissions from writers for our next production.


Please ensure you thoroughly read ALL the details on the brief below before submitting.

The Concept for 2018

Now in its third year, Loquitur Theatre's groundbreaking and original platform, Femage a Trois, returns this summer. It will retain the standard elements: ‘Three women. Three stories. Three impossible decisions’. However, where previously the stories have been separate to each other, this year we will be changing the concept and present three women who share a larger story. 


We are looking for single writer or a team of writers to present draft scripts, treatments, or final concepts. All are welcome.

Brief for Writers


Please incorporate the following when making a proposal or script submission:

The end performance will still consist of three independent monologues, but they will be interlinked. Each monologue could stand alone, but once performed together, the audience will understand the connection between the three characters. Each monologue should be strictly between 15-18 minutes in length(please read aloud to ensure before submitting). 

Each monologue could stand alone, but once performed together, the audience will understand the connection between the three characters and the story. Each monologue might tell some or all of the overreaching story from that characters perspective, perhaps describing a moment of climactic stress, or at the point where she is faced with a difficult decision or perhaps where she has or had nowhere to turn.

For the overarching story we would invite you to explore:

- The circumstances women need to navigate to exist and find belonging in society.

- Examine the 'having it all' complex, presenting the emotional and social labour women invest in their lives.

- Highlight the need for secrets surrounding trauma, how family dynamics can result in women being forced to make choices they wish they didn’t have to make and the ripple effect this can have across generations.


We are particularly interested in these narrative ideas:

- Illegitimate and lost children

- Adoption

- How we are shaped by our parents’ actions or secrets

- Secret double lives

- Mental heath

- Trans-generational grief


Please ensure that your character profiles will be open enough to include actors who might be non-white, non-binary or disabled, as we will ensure that actors from all backgrounds will be considered through the audition process. We also welcome stories which have characters identifying as non-binary femme, trans women, disabled characters, BAME characters and intercultural relationships.

The stories must be human, deep, poignant, touching but also comedic – in whatever form the comedy takes, hilarious or dark; the comedy of humanity must shine through the monologue and support the audience engagement with the story. We actively encourage a big reveal moment towards the conclusion.


A broad reach of age is important and one of the integral elements of the format. We request submissions which tell include stories about a young person at 14-30 years old, or an adult at 30-55 years or a mature adult at 55+. Most importantly we expect to see characters across age range - 40 is not the ceiling for age and we don’t want to limit our art to a 20-35 demographic. 



The deadline for submissions for initial concept or draft script is 20 April at 12:00. Please submit in pdf format, to loquiturtheatre@gmail.com with ‘Femage a Trois’ and your pen name in the subject line.

Getting back to you


We will endeavour to reply to each and every one of you, and should you be unsuccessful at this point, please be assured that we will consider your material for future productions. Our ethos is about continuous development, so while your piece might not be right for the current project, it doesn’t mean that it’s not worth further future consideration, and developing for use for Femage a Trois in subsequent years.


Please bear in mind that making theatre is a long game – we know how frustrating it can be when producers are wrapped up in other projects – and we are sorry; we have multiple projects going on at the same time, but please don’t think that we don’t like your work – we are very grateful for your efforts and it’s all definitely being taken into consideration.


Other projects


If you have another story about women that doesn’t fit into the Femage a Trois format, do feel free to send it through AFTER the deadline for Femage A Trois and make it clear that it’s a separate submission. We’re always on the look out for new material.